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The National Association of State Park Foundations (NASPF) is a 501(c)3 incorporated organization established to connect, build, elevate and empower statewide non-profit partners of America’s state parks.

Who are NASPF?

With more than 6500 state parks and tens of millions of acres of state forests located in every state in the nation, American’s are rich in outdoor recreation opportunities while these lands protect critical cultural and natural resources. Many of these places depend heavily on a vast army of volunteers and nonprofit Friends groups. These volunteers and groups support the work of park managers and staff, raise funds for projects in the parks, help run educational and environmental programs, provide camper services, and much more.

The National Association of State Park Foundations was formed by leadership of park foundations seeking to support one another and the vast networks of volunteers and friends’ groups, while also providing a national voice as advocates for all state parks.

Mission & Goals

The National Association of State Park Foundations is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and education purposes. Its mission is to: Connect, build, elevate, and empower state-wide non-profit partners of America’s State Parks.

Our top priorities are:

 Share Partnership Best Practices

 Provide online training and education resources for staff and volunteer leaders

 Provide toolkit and training for state park advocacy

 Provide a research library/information service

  • May 08, 2022
  • May 15, 2022
  • State Parks Nationwide


Collected: $600.00
Goal: $100,000.00

Become a member

There are two categories of Membership – Full Membership and Affiliate Membership.

Full Membership is open to all 501(c)3 statewide park foundations or statewide friends’ groups. Members have full voting rights, are eligible for election to the board of directors and to stand as officers. The annual membership fee is $300.

Affiliate Membership is open to non-commercial and commercial members. Affiliate Members are non-voting and must be approved by the Membership Committee.

Non-commercial affiliate membership is open to individuals and 501(c)3 organizations that have some part of its mission to support state parks or are non- 501(c)3 statewide organizations tasked with supporting their state’s park system.  The annual membership fee is $200.

Commercial affiliate membership is open to all corporate entities and other commercial organizations that wish to support the work of the Foundation. The annual membership is $500.

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